Elizabeth’s Quest

A fight for survival during the War of 1812


S.E. Campbell’s debut novel, Elizabeth’s Quest, has recently been published. Sandra’s novel is the story of a young woman, Elizabeth Benton, whose idyllic life along the shores of Lake Erie comes tumbling down around her as the battle for Lake Erie has claimed her father, Commander Benton, in its deathly, watery clutches—or has it?

Elizabeth’s strong will propels her to engage in the unthinkable at that time: to set out alone in the wild to find her father’s whereabouts. It is a historical fiction account that transports the reader back into a time that is almost unimaginable to those of us who now inhabit the bustling areas throughout southern Ontario. It was a time when black bears, wolves, and other wild beasts roamed the dense forests in this area. It was a time of footpaths and corduroy roads through tangles of brush and stumps of newly felled stands of Carolinian trees. It was a time of uncertainty as the super powers of the time fought to possess a vast, rich colony of land and a wealth of natural resources. As one vicious conflict had resolved into the establishment of the new United States of America, another bloody struggle for territory was beginning—it was the time of the War of 1812.

The novel’s young heroine inevitably comes face to face with all kinds of unforeseen perils and the larger than life heroes of the time; people such as Lieutenant-Colonel John Harvey, Captains John Norton, John Brant, William Caldwell, and the notorious frontiersman, Simon Girty, to name just a few.

Her quest takes her from her home at the Long Point Settlement west to Point Pelee toward Fort Amherstburg; north to the Lake St. Clair area and Fairfield; and east to the London District, Burford, Malcolm’s Mills, and Ancaster. Her proud and defiant spirit is not only challenged by the danger, the death, and the anguish of a war-torn countryside, but also by the anguish of love.

Join Elizabeth as she becomes swept up in the tumultuous campaign for supremacy and in the violent struggle for the will to survive.